My first trip to Uganda in 2014

It was the night before I left for Uganda. I was so excited, but anxious at the same time, adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I was to be accompanied by Walter, a work colleague, who is also Ugandan.

This would be my first trip to Central Africa. 12 hour flight, 2 stops. I remember thinking about the food, the environment, and how I would be received. I was so excited at this point. Our first stop was Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, where we stopped for a 2 hour stopover. I was mesmerised, seeing all the faces whizzing by in the traffic going to different corners of the continent of Africa.

The time had come, and we left for the small plane taking us to Entebbe International. It was about an hour or so from Nairobi. Here I come!

We arrived, to be met by Salem. Salem would end up being a very good friend. I call him ‘brother’ now after knowing him for 6 years whilst traveling back and forth to Uganda.

My head was like a gyroscope twisting around once we got into Kampala. I could not stop admiring the beauty of Kampala and the immense and busy traffic, the crowds in the streets were overwhelming and overpowering.

In Uganda, the taxis are 125cc motorcycles, and they are littered everywhere, going in every direction. Some of the way the taxis maneuvered in and out of traffic would be totally unacceptable, and unlawful in the UK. Kampala was gritty, so real.