Broadway Lodge Donation to Gulu Team Initiative.

Gulu Team Initiative is very proud of the support received from Broadway Lodge and we will ensure these computers reach the people that need it most in Gulu Uganda. We thank Broadway Lodge to partner with us in efforts to make this world a better place than we found it.

We at Gulu Team Initiative will ensure we support these children in Gulu who were badly affected by over 10 years of civil war. We seek to impact similar approaches taken by Broadway lodge to ensure the children are empowered by bringing meaning to their life and future. Our love for humanity and the development of these children to learn has been prompted by our background in the work we have been doing in the United Kingdom to support those in need. Gulu Team Initiative will ensure feedback to Broadway about the important contributions made to impact the lives of people they may never even get the opportunity to meet in person. We can assure Broadway Lodge that through the digital world of communication nothing is off limit and Broadway Lodge may even be able to have direct contact with the people their work is impacting further afield in Gulu Uganda. We the management at Gulu Initiative Team thank the people and staff at Broadway more especially the CEO Broadway Lodge and Head of Treatment and Counselling, Markkus for showing kin interest in the work we are doing far away in lives of pupils in the town of Gulu – East Africa.