Digital inclusion

Primary school children learning from the donated Digital Tablets as away of enhancing digital learning in school.

According to UCC 2015 on access and usage of ICT’s ,only 44% of women in Uganda owned and can use a mobile/android phone at anytime compared to 62% of their male counterparts while 51% of learners in Uganda access the various education of subsectors have no access to E learning.

Despite the good polices and legal framework in place girls and young women remain the most affected and unfortunately targeted online due to gender stereotyped .  Although the government of Uganda have put in place ministry of ICT to promote digitalization and promote ICT use and mitigate its abuse  and strengthen its infrastructure development  as per the national development plan 3 and developed the ICT policy which is gender responsive. |The Act will emphasize the establishment of the ICT structures in schools  up skilling the young generation in the use of computers and digital equipment .

However there are still big disparities in the implementation that is why Gulu Team initiative is coming to bridge the gap by supporting some few selected schools in Gulu District by providing them with skills and resources that will enable them to participate globally and nationally.

The initiative plans to train digital champions in Gulu to work with young people to develop essential computer skills and learn how to access online learning resources.

We aim to set up programmes that will support our Gulu youth to develop skills in:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Docs
  • Online applications
  • Assistive technology
  • Money management
  • Social media
  • Practical digital skills for work and life
  • Tech industry
  • Cyber security
  • 3D printing
  • Coding

If you can help provide teaching and learning materials and equipment, please contact us.