Our team

Malcolm Trew (Right) during the 2021 launch of School Satellite Program at Gulu Prison Primary school.

Malcom Trew is a passionate force for social change and the advancement of the Black community, advocating for these causes wherever he finds them.

Originally from London, Malcolm has worked tirelessly with sufferers of mental ill health in the UK, a demographic where the BAME community is over-represented, for over twelve years. He has served as a mentor for young people in his community, helping to steer disadvantaged youths towards positivity, and productive lives.

I am a frequent visitor to Uganda, a country that I love. During one visit I was engaging with a number of children in the war-torn area of Gulu when I produced my phone in order to take a picture with them. I was surprised and saddened to find that these children were completely unfamiliar, and somewhat afraid, of my phone as they had no knowledge of or exposure to technology previously.

I saw a huge problem – these already economically deprived children were at risk of being trapped in poverty, with poor job prospects, few ICT skills and missing the vital knowledge digital inclusion provides.

Malcolm also became aware of issues excluding girls and disabled children in rural areas of Northern Uganda. This was how this the Gulu Team Initiative was formed.

We work to enhance the capacity of youth in Northern Uganda to gain the knowledge and skills they will require to access the digital world via the provision of equipment and teaching necessary to do so.

Ultimately, I want to help them to live positive, productive lives with more of the opportunities that so many Western children take for granted.

Malcom Trew, Founder